David Smith

Sophisticated, but a bit reckless.


Motivation: Adventure. David can’t imagine living a normal life: working 9-5, picture show on the weekends, soul-sucking boredom. When he was in his twenties, on a whim, he talked his way into a private party on a yacht berthed at the marina. By the time he left at dawn, more than a little drunk, he had an invitation to spend a weekend at a beach house in the Hamptons and the phone number of an energy company heiress. He never looked back, learning to be whoever he needed to be to have the most fun.

Secret: While living in Switzerland, David was involved in an affair with the beautiful wife of a wealthy businessman (and, incidentally, using information she gave him to make some very profitable investments in her husband’s industry). Unfortunately, the businessman discovered the affair. David tried to flee, leaping into his car and driving off, but the husband followed him. As night fell, they chased each other along Alpine roads. In desperation, David rammed the pursuing car, sending it off the mountainside. That very night, David bought a ticket to Al Amarja. He’s heard from friends that the Swiss police have been looking for him, and he fears that they will trace him here.

Important Person: David was once married, and had a daughter. The marriage didn’t last long, but he truly cares about his daughter, and writes her long letters. In these letters, he gives himself a normal life. Her replies are a link to normality for him. No matter how crazy his life, there’s one person who just thinks of him as “Dad”.


David Smith

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