Over the Edge

New Friends and a New Job

Rick and I (Wolfgang) met up with 3 others, all qualified in their own way, and were in turn approached about a security job for a small fringe science conference being held at the mansion of Dr. Severson. After securing Cast, the odd drug-addled man whom the good doctor had asked us to bring to her home (and hurting some tweakers who thought we’d be easy to mug), we called Topp Cab and took 2 Range Rovers to the mansion, at high speed and insanely great expense. Still, Topp Cab was a good contact, and they seem to know how to drive with speed and security in mind.

At the mansion, we quickly realized we were under attack by some sort of alt-universe or extra-dimensional forces. Nobody has been killed yet, but 4 security guards have been wounded after being taken over by these otherworldy beings, which forced us to fight them. They seem to be particularly interested in the youngest member of the conference, for reasons we cannot understand. We continue to guard and investigate.

Additionally, a Dr. Olson has not arrived, and has not been heard from. I have taken the liberty of securing an antique mirror, a walking stick, and a dagger that I found in Dr. Olson’s luggage. The walking stick seems especially effective in fighting our shadowy visitors.



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