Over the Edge

Never Talk To Strangers

David, myself (Wolfgang) and Dr. Rick (last name?) arrived to the island and found ourselves on a bus from the airport near The Edge to the village of (name?). It was a long night ride so we introduced ourselves to each other. They didn’t seem to be police or work for the UN, so we started to talk. About that time something happened to the bus; we hit something, or ran into something—either way, the bus flipped over. People were hurt. We scrambled out of the bus and decided to walk to the village to get help. It was dark, my only weapon was my father’s dagger, and I had just met my companions 20 minutes ago. On the way to town we saw a farmhouse and stopped in. There was nobody home, and no telephone. We checked the cellar, and found wrapped human body parts in a big freezer. This alarmed us and we ran back to the bus…only to see our fellow passengers being herded into a truck. We attacked the remaining kidnappers, disabling them. Upon the return of the truck, we attacked again, but one of them got away. We high-tailed it into town, slightly better armed now, with an assortment of knives, blackjacks, and cattle prods. In town we found a church, and in the basement, our fellow passengers. They were being used in some sort of necromantic ritual by a priest who looked like an Egyptian lich. We freed the passengers and Dr. Rick managed to destroy the church, and himself, by tapping into some sort of cosmic energy. David and I called for help and bussed it back to The Edge.



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